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Minimally Invasive Surgical Solutions offers convenient access to skilled specialists and advanced healthcare treatments, all close to home. Our services include:

  • Clinic: Comprehensive outpatient care.
  • Surgery Center: State-of-the-art minimally invasive surgical procedures.
  • Laboratory Services: Fast and accurate diagnostic testing.
  • Diagnostic Imaging: Advanced imaging technology for precise diagnosis.
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation: Personalized rehabilitation programs.
  • Occupational Health Services: Comprehensive care for workplace-related health issues.
At MISS, personalized patient care sets us apart. When you visit our clinics, you can expect world-class care from expert physician specialists and a compassionate clinical staff dedicated to providing you with an exceptional healthcare experience.

Benefits of Choosing Minimally Invasive Surgical Solutions
  • Safe, with high standards of care: Ensuring your safety and well-being is our top priority.
  • No incision, minimal pain, and no scarring: Experience the benefits of minimally invasive techniques.
  • No general anesthesia required: Enjoy a less risky procedure without the need for general anesthesia.
  • Outpatient procedure with same-day discharge: Convenient and efficient, allowing you to return home the same day.
  • Fast recovery, typically around two hours: Get back to your daily activities quickly.
  • Cost-effective: High-quality care without the high costs associated with traditional surgery.

Experience the best in healthcare with MISS, where your well-being is our top priority.