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Top 5 Reasons Why Interventional Radiology is Better than Open Surgery

There are many benefits to IR procedures over traditional treatments.

Interventional Radiology is fast becoming the preferred method to address many health issues. Interventional radiology provides options for procedures from highly trained Interventional Radiologists that give patients options to open invasive surgery.

Here are a few reasons to consider an
Interventional Radiology procedure:

No Pain- Interventional Radiology (IR) procedures are done by inserting high-tech “wires” through your wrist or through your groin. From there, the wires are directed through your vascular system to the place where the issue resides. Because your blood vessels have no nerves, there is no pain during IR procedures.

No General Anesthesia- There are risks that are associated with general anesthesia and where it is unavoidable with most open surgery, it is not necessary with Interventional Radiology procedures. You will receive a local anesthesia to calm you and eliminate the risks and recovery from using general anesthesia.

Faster Recovery Times- Generally, the recovery time from an IR procedure will be much faster than traditional surgery methods. For example, a hysterectomy can require weeks for the patient to recover. With our Uterine fibroid embolization procedure, recovery time is measured in days.

No Hospital Stay- No one wants to go into the hospital if they do not have to. Our IR procedures are done in our outpatient clinic. You will receive world-class healthcare from our dedicated and highly trained medical professionals. Best part is you will be home the night of your procedure and sleeping in your own bed.

As Good, or Better, Results- As you consider your options, if you can undergo a procedure that is minimally invasive, requires no hospital stay, has generally faster recovery times, AND your results will be as good or better- IR procedures should be considered as you evaluate your options.

Always consult your medical doctor on the treatment options that are right for you. If you would like to talk with one of our medical professionals on our procedures that are covered by most insurance carriers, Schedule an in-clinic consultation.

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